About us

Hajléktalanokért Közalapítvány/Public Foundation for the Homeless

About our foundation

Address: 1067 Budapest, Szobi u. 3., Hungary
Telephone: +36 1 261 7704
Fax: +36 1 262 1021
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Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Public Foundation for the Homeless is to alleviate the problems of those Hungarian citizens that do not have decent housing. In order to obtain it’s aim, the foundation’s objectives are:

  • Provide governmental financial support to homeless care agencies via tenders
  • Implement projects intended to develop provided services and to help the social integration of the homeless people:
    • implementation of the EU-funded TAMOP-5.3.2 program (Social Renewal Operational Program, May 2008 – Jun 2012) for the complex development of the homeless care sector
    • Annual Conference of the Homeless Care Agencies – 2-days conference for the professionals working with the homeless people
    • Night of the Homeless People – yearly held vigil in November to remember the people who die during the winter
  • Researches
  • Various projects to raise social awareness
  • Provide services directly to the homeless people

The governmental financial support can be granted

  •  for the establishment, upkeep and development of organisations that provide accommodation and services to homeless people such as night shelters, temporary shelters, etc.
  •  for the implementation of vocational programs, pilot projects, personalised support aiming at their re-integration into society
  •  for the organisation of various services for homeless people such as social information services, soup kitchens, street outreach service network and other projects

Activities of the Public Foundation

  •  Running of centers and services responsible for the provision of health and social care services
  •  Running of rehabilitation centers and provision of employment services for those not living in these centers
  •  Promotion and organisation of national and international debates and exchange of information
  •  Preparation and distribution of professional publications
  •  Organization of training for those working in the social care services
  •  Organisation, launching and operation of pilot projects for the social integration of homeless people, with a special focus on housing solutions
  •  Participation in the preparation, coordination and monitoring of vocational programs, calls for proposals aiming at the improvement of homelessness service provision
  •  Giving professional guidance in the designing of EU and governmental funding schemes
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